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100 Days Celebration Chocolate Gold


Collection 4pcs 



百日宴金裝巧克力禮罐 4顆裝



Price:HK $12.00 / Min. Order Quantity: 100 boxes














Bespoke service                                                 定制服務



Personalized gift packaging                       個人化包裝設計


Insert name / message / photo  新人名 /祝福語 / 相片


Gift ribbon colour                                     婚宴回禮絲帶顏色


Antique White / Silk Gold                               米白色/淺金 


Chocolate flavour                                                  朱古力味道


Milk / Dark                                                                 牛奶/黑 



Product Description

The key feature of BINGO’s Wedding Chocolate Favor Collection is a small gifting box of sweet delicacy with milk

chocolate filled with dark chocolate ganache filling. It is the single tiny cake of chocolate luxury in the bespoke

box package that conveys the unbeatable love in special occasions of one’s lifetime. 

  • Made to order

  • Fresh  & Hand made 

  • Luxury France chocolate ingredient 



*brand new tailor-made design will cost extra charge    

   全新定制的包裝設計-非現款 另附加設計費 

 For more information,please see our Facebook Page

Create your own wedding chocolate with your perfect moment 

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