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BINGO 由心打造的個人化朱古力小禮物, 選用來自法國空運到港的頂級朱古力品牌 VALRHONA made in France 朱古力材料 , 加上於香港新鮮手工制造,格外美味。讓您與摯愛親友在品嚐新鮮美味之手造法國朱古力中感受甜蜜喜悅。更可配合您們宴會主題,設計出獨一無二的個人化禮品,讓難忘時刻永遠保存。 適合婚禮、百日宴、生日、派對、公司活動等作禮品。  

歡迎查詢,請致電 (852) 6531 2015 聯絡我們. 



BINGO provide tailor-made design services of personalized handmade franch chocolate,  all of our chocolates be select the premium chocolate VALRHONA made in France to create impressive personalized chocolate gifts that's unique to your special event, whether you are celebrating a wedding, baby shower, birthday , party, event or any other occasion. 


For enquires, please contact us at (852) 6531 2015.


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