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"BINGO"香港訂製朱古力回禮專門店. 創造出專屬你的創意個人化手工朱古力回禮小禮物禮品, 讓親朋好友感受別緻甜蜜喜悅。更配合您們宴會主題, 設計出獨一無二的個人化禮盒, 讓難忘時刻永遠保存。 適合婚禮回禮、BB百日宴禮物、派對、商務禮品!

The French are known for their superb wines and exquisite cuisine. French chocolate is no exception, it is one of the best chocolates in the world.


No alcohol, no preservatives, high cocoa content, low sugar and fresh handmade in Hong Kong.


BINGO  believe to use the premium ingredients, made by love to create an unforgettable gifts for our customers. 


That's unique to your special event, whether you are celebrating a wedding, baby shower, birthday, party, event or any other occasion. 


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