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Please fill in the following form for get a quote or send an email to

請在表格填寫有關資料以便為您提供報價詳情 或 可電郵致

Thanks! Message sent. Our team will be in touch with your quote.



*Tailor-made Standard order must be made before 60 working days months prior to delivery date

*Whole New Tailor-made order must be made before 90 working days prior to delivery date ​

*Urgent fee will be applied to immediate delivery request (with delivery time equal to or shorter than 2 months)




Order Steps:  





How are your chocolates gifts be quoted?  


We would quote depend on design, chocolate flavor & quantity. Please email or call 852 65312015 if any questions. 

價格會按設計款式,數量和巧克力味道。歡迎查詢,請填寫以上表格索取報價。亦可電郵致bingodelices@gmail.com或致電852 65312015。

Why do I need to secure my date?


We highly suggest you to SECURE the DATE.


- We take limited orders every month, to avoid disappointment, please secure your date with a deposit.

- This will determine how many working times and materials we have to reserve for your order. 




由於我們每月接受有限之訂單,為免失望,請用訂金存款保護您的日期。 而且這將決定我們預留足夠工作時間及材料於你的訂單。

How can I secure my date with my unique chocolate gifts?




Once you have decided to have our chocolates in your event, ask for a 'Save the Date Deposit' details by email or phone and deposit the amount of 50% to our bank account within 3days and email us with payment advice. * You will receive a order confirmation once the deposit be received.


為確保在你的大日子當天收到您的專屬巧克力,請把訂單總金額的50%之訂金款項安排到指定銀行帳號,把入款收據電郵件致 並註明 “保存日期訂金”,我們會在一個工作天內透過電郵或電話與你確認訂購事宜。 餘額50%款項於收貨時繳付。

Hong Kong delivery services for Free

免費送貨服務 - 香港


Free Delivery Service only be available an order of specified amount for single location of Hong Kong. *Not available in urban/distant districts and outlying island. 




Worldwide delivery  services


We do provide international delivery services for many countries, please contact us for more details. 




You receive an e-mail confirmation of your order
50% deposit upon order confirmation
Get Your Price
50% balance upon delivery
Email you an artwork to approve before production
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